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    Test VSE SP4 Deployment



      I want to deploy SP4 for VSE 8.7i however I want to test it first on a handful of clients before deploying it to the entire organization.  I want to do this by creating a group in the System Tree labeled "VSE SP4 Test" (Done), drag the test clients into that container, and then create a deployment task for that container that deploys VSE SP4.  I am afraid to "check-in" the SP4 package for fear that all the clients will see the update and start sucking it down automatically like it did when I "checked-in" SP2.  That was not good because we have several remote locations with bandwidth limitations.


      I have spoke to a McAfee technician about this and he advised me to disable any and all update tasks that would include a service pack update.  So I edited our update task to only include DAT and Engine updates.  I disabled the "Autoupdate Task Schedule" in the VSE 8.7i User Interface Policy and I made sure that "Global Updating" is disabled in the "Server Settings" inside the console.


      Knowing all of this, am I safe to check-in SP4 to my console?  I cant afford to have another mistake like the SP2 incident this rendered a lot of branch locations useless because their connection was pegged.


      Thanks for you input.

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          If you are just checking in patch 4, and not the full VSE including patch 4, as an added safeguard you could check the patch into the Evaluation branch of the repository.  Then, change the agent policy for your Tree group to use the Evaluation branch for VSE updates: Updates tab, "Repository branch to use for each update type" section, under "Patches and service packs:", VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0 dropdown.  Of course, this assumes that your normal agent policy has this setting  at "Current" and VSE and your existing patch level are checked into the  Current branch of the repository.  Then create a new update task in your new tree group that updates patches as well as DATs, etc.


          Once you are sure everything is OK, go to the repository, copy P4 to the current branch, and move your systems back to their normal branch of the tree.





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            Thank you for the quick reply.  I may be doing something wrong, but I dont see the "Patches and Service Packs" field you are speaking of.  I see everything else (DAT, Engine, etc) pointed to the "Current" branch but nothing about VSE Patches.  See attached file.  This is a screenshot of my Agent Policy.


            Also I thought I have tried checking service packs into the Eval Branch and it will not let me. There must be something wrong with our configuration because others have mentioned this to me but I can never get it to work.  We are EPO 4.5 SP1 on the console.

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              You need the current McAfee Agent 4.5 Patch 1 and the current ePO extension for the McAfee Agent (it is included in the 45P1 package).

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                Also, make sure you have Menu > Configuration > Server Settings > Repository Packages > "Allow package check-in for any repository branch" set to Yes.


                BTW, in my first post I said "Once you are sure everything is OK, go to the repository, copy P4 to the  current branch, and move your systems back to their normal branch of  the tree."  What I mean is that once your testing is done and you are ready to deploy P4 to all systems, copy P4 to the Current branch of the repository and move your test systems back to their normal branches.  Then, set your update task(s) to update Patches and service packs for VSE 8.7.0.  Or you could even set up (a) separate update task(s) that only does patches and service packs and nothing else if you want to be more deliberate about which systems or groups of systems get updated and when they get updated.





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                  Thanks for the information.  I understood what you meant in your first post.  You must know me because I like the more direct approach as you described.  That is likely what I will do once I get this figured out.  My server was set to "Yes" in the Repository Check-in you mentioned.  I was hoping that was it.




                  I am not sure what you are talking about there.  Do I need to update the agents to 4.5 patch 1 to get this option allowed in the EPO 4.5 console?  Is it because McAfee agent 4.5 Patch 1 allows clients to use the evaluation branch for patches??  I am lost.  LOL


                  Thanks for the replies.  I have been out sick last couple days.

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                    You need the new agent´s extension and imho also the installed new agent package.

                    Installaing the new extension is explained in the README:


                    https://kc.mcafee.com:443/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD22596&actp=search&vi ewlocale=en_US&searchid=1289650379964