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    HCL for EEPC v6




      Is there a real Hardware Compatiblity List for EEPC v6.


      For example I can deduce form KB69570 that Panasonic Toughbook CFT8E is not supported, but what with the rest of device.

      Should I assume that I can deploy EEPC to any machine, and then wait for black screens, no booting systems and other "funny" issues?


      I know that RTOS used in EEPC is very tolerant system for different BIOS and device types, but not for all.


      Maybe there is a list for non-compatible hardware configuration for example EFI (in fact I really don't know if it is supported or no), not supported devices, etc.


      Maybe McAfee have some internal documents (question to Simon) which can be requested through some NDAs.



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          Are you trying to revive old debate on EEPC supported systems? As I recall last time, we did not get far.

          McAfee is not testing all different types of PC hardware, therefore is not in a position to issue such a list.

          Even those they tested, will remain mostly available to themselves, though bits an pieces might get to KB or even release notes.

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            Did I mentioned somewhere about software compatibility?

            Also you are joking, right? Peter where you got such information? Are you working in McAfee as QA engineer?

            I  personally do not believe that McAfee not tested many PC/laptop configurations, and theses tested should be listed on public available list like other vendors tend to do.

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              Just search this public forum, you will know where I'm coming from. No, I do not work for McAfee.