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    Real Time Scanning Issue



      I've seen some reports about the real time scanning issue.  I had mine shut off due to a problem the real time scanning had with a program on my computer.  I have since resolved that and tried to turn back on my real time scanning.  When I did it almost immediately turned back off.  I did a manual update and it turned back on.  Now however when I try to access the real time scanning it won't go into the screen.  In the home page it says my real time scanning is on.  When I click on that I get 3 choices:


      Scan your PC

      Schedules Scan Settings

      Real Time Scanning Settings


      If I click on either of the first two I go to those screens.  If I click on the Real Time Scanning settings it does nothing.  I can't get to a screen to turn it on or off or access it in any way.  I've tried to update the program again but it still won't access it.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          gmdoran - When you say you had some problem with a program and real time scanning, is it possible to let us know about that program please.


          Also, right click on the M icon from the right bottom corner of your computer, Click on Change Settings> Real-time Scanning and check whether you are able to get in there...


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            Thanks for the reply.  The program is called Strat-o-Matic Baseball.  If I had the real time scanning on it wanted to scan the sombb.exe executable file and it would take upwards of 15-20 minutes for the program to open, if it did at all.  If I disabled the "real time scanning" then the program would open in seconds.  Now that doesn't seem to be a problem as the program is opening normally.(Strat-o-Matic contacted McAfee about this issue along with some of their files being flagged as false positives.  Seems they have resolved those).


            When I access the McAfee Icon in the system tray and right click and choose "change settings"/"real time scanning" the security center opens and it remains on the Home page.  If I select firewall or view all settings it moves from the Home page to the firwall page and the general settings and alerts page.  If I select real time scanning it never makes it to the page that I used to see that allowed me to turn off the feature and select a time frame to turn it back on or to turn it back on if it was off.


            thanks again

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              Ok, so I guess only reinstalling the programs would help you to fix the issue. Please click on the Useful Links on the top of this page, run the McAfee Removal Tool (MCPR) reboot the computer and reinstall the programs and let me know the status.

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                Hi, just to update you.  I removed McAfee at the control panel and then ran the mcpr.exe tool.  Then I went back to my accounts and reinstalled the software.  I can now access the 'real time scanning'.  Seems that all is ok again with the protection.


                thanks again for your help.  Not sure why it went haywire but at least it is working again.