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    Fcag.exe problem with DLP 9.0


      I was wondering if anyone else was getting a CPU spike when you first log into your machine.  For some reason, all my users are getting a 85-100% cpu spike for 30 seconds on login with this application.


      Ken Mason

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          What AV program do you use on client pcs?


          What is minimal hardware configuration ?




          Try to exclude this process

          (    * fcags.exe

              * fcagte.exe

              * fcaswd.exe

              * fcag.exe

              * fcagt.exe (Host DLP 2.2 and earlier)

          from av check.

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            Fcag.exe is always behave like that.


            I did a lot of Google on Fcag.exe CPU utiliization problem.  This is a known issue since DLP version 2.0, and problem still there now on version 9.1.

            My experience is that McAfee will keep asking you to get log.. and pretend such problem is not caused by McAfee and make you feel trouble to close case.  sighs...

            yes, i think the problem will not stop all operation of your company, but it will definitely a road blocker and slow down people's off-duty time .

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              I have identify one thing during my wrestling against High CPU utilization of Fcag & Fcagte  and i..e


              Disable access protection rule. You will see the CPU Utilization of fcag and Fcagte drops tremendously.


              Now I am checking which module of access protection is responsible for the high CPU Utilization.