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    McAfee unable to remove TDSS.a!mem trojan virus

      Hi guys,

      My McAfee detected few files infected with above virus but unable to remove it. I have run the antivirus auto-update and it claims to be updated with current data. A check on McAfee websites leads me to download current DAT 6160xdat.exe file. But when I ran it, it failed saying "Error: Unable to find any qualifying McAfee product(s)", which is weird as my current subscription is still valid.


      I searched around the forum but I could not find any solution. I find it mindboggling that McAfee claimed to have discovered this virus on 6/01/2010, added it into their database on 7/01/2010 and even posted removal instruction which apparently does not work.


      Any idea on how I can remove this? Thanks in advance.