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    explorer can not display web page occasionally, help please

      I now have 2 machines, one win 2k the other xp, both showing the same symptoms where internet explorer will display one page then not thenext, go back and it's ok for another page.

      I have also looked at netstat /a and can see that agains all the entries when online (net connected) there is an entry on listening ports that says "localhost.snaffler.net"


      Does anyone know what this virus may be, my mcafee has been updated and reports it is up to date, but a full scan does not find anything.


      Please can someone help.



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          You have two questions here.


          1. Why is my browser experiencing problems intermittently in displaying web pages.


          Hard to say what the cause is, and it depends perhaps where you are. I'm in the UK and I've been experiencing the same problem for some days now. A web page may take ages to download, and sometimes I get the IE error window saying the web page could not be displayed. Reloading the page doesn't always work, but waiting (and waiting ...) sometimes does. It even happens here on the forum, switching between threads. If I select another link and click on it, that page will usually download and display as normal. Does that sound like your problem?


          I have no idea what's doing this. I thought the internet might be experiencing traffic overload or network constraints, since (allegedly) there has been a major simulation going on of a Cyberwar Attack (yes, lurid headlines from the press) but I understand that this has not been carried out in the real world. Well, I hope not.


          2. The second question is easier. Do you have TalkTalk as your ISP? I ask because 'localhost.snaffler.net' resolves to

          'ns0.tiscali.co.uk. ns0.as9105.com'  and tiscali.co.uk is TalkTalk.


          localhost.snaffler.net is not listed in any blacklists.


          Have a look at http://dnstree.com/net/snaffler/ - lots of detail, but the name "tiscali" keeps jumping out. So I don't think you've got a virus.

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            thanks for the reply, yes I am using talk talk, but I am sure this is not the issue, as connectivity to my machine is good using programs other than IE, I have not tried using firefox yet, but will tonight.


            Are you using firefox?


            What is most interesting is when I start using IE when I look at netstat /a I see about one page full of tcp sessions with random ports appear in listening status and another page full of UDP sessions on random ports in a similar state, this is not correct, I would expect 1 or two HTTP sessions only.


            I am a little anoyed that when I downloaded a free anti virus program it found a html script on one of my pc's, makes me wonder why I am paying mcafee to protect my pc's and that can't find anything?.


            I now have 3 pc's with the same problem one with W2k, one windows 7 and one XP.


            My w7 machine downloaded a live toolkit recenty, I don't use messenger at all would prefer to remove it if I knew how, I wonder if this toolkit had a virus in it ?


            Any help apreciated.





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              Your reply has introduced a couple more things into the mix. Let's not lose sight of the original question ...


              First, I hope the localhost.snaffler.net bit is no longer a problem? snaffler=tiscali=TalkTalk.


              As for the connection problem, I see you've found the other thread dealing with this or a similar problem. Have you tried running the Microsoft Network Diagnostics tool when it happens?  Most times when it happens to me I run the tool and it says, no problem with your connection. Just occasionally it reports back with a network connection problem. So it's worth giving that tool a try.


              You say connectivity is good with programs other than IE but you haven't tried Firefox - it's probably a good idea to try using a different browser just in case the problem is specific to IE. I have Firefox and Google Chrome in reserve for cases like this.


              You haven't said which country you're in. That might have a bearing on the connection problem, as I discovered over the weekend when I did some investigative browsing among some network-related forums. Is it the UK or US? I think TalkTalk operate in both countries.


              Now, the netstat question. I did a netstat on my PC and I got about half a page of results - more than one or two, certainly. Is the screen in the screenshot something like the one you see?


              And the other two points : if the other AV program picked up something that McAfee missed, well that happens. No AV program is perfect, so I make sure to double-check on mine with regular Microsoft Live OneCare and/or Windows Defender scans, plus irregular scans from Malwarebytes, Spybot and SuperAntiSpyware. None of them ever find anything much, so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. And the W7 machine where you downloaded a toolkit - I can't comment, you haven't said what it is. But I'm surprised you can't uninstall it.


              I think that's covered everything, more or less. For the moment, anyway.

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                thanks for the info, installed firefox and cports, conncted to a site with firefox and no big list of tcp and udp ports, did the same with IE and a pile of ports from an unknown process was seen.


                So I deciced to defaut the IE settings and remove all history for this program, then cports shows the same amount of ports for a connection as firefox.


                I guess there was something in the settings that was causing this to happen, it runs a lot faster now, I will see how long before it does it again, I have not logged into any secure sites yet, so we will see if that causes it to go banana's


                I am in ther UK, I have run various malware detection programs from microsoft and others with nothing found.


                So I will let you know if this is the solution soon.



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                  Hey vic,

                  Were you able to get this resolved, get back to us if you are still experiencing the same issues.




                  Dinesh K

                  McAfee Online Community Moderator