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    Ignore list?

      Is there a list for the scan to ignore?


      Let me give you an estimate of what I'm wanting. I want to keep the real-time scanning active, and I want it to scan everything all the time. But, I want it to forget that a specific folder/file exists. Basically like an ignore folder/file list. I believe in one of the previous versions you were able to do that, and in other AV programs you can as well.


      So, is there an ignore list?

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          Could you be more specific with what you want the software to ignore? I do not believe this particular version will allow a user to do this and I don't know if the 2011 version will allow it either but I haven't heard one way or another about it and the 2011 version has not yet been released.

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            Sorry, don't mean to be rude or anything, but how can I be more specific as to I want the program to ignore a particular file (or group of files) or folder?


            If that's not allowed, then I think that is going to push me away from renewing when it comes time....next October.

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              The ability to ignore scanning a file or folder was dropped back 7 versions but we mods and users have been pushing for this feature to be reinstated. When you are upgraded to 2011 automatically early next year you will be pleasantly surprised.


              No need to consider leaving then.


              That is all I can say re this at this present time due to comment restrictions on beta version features.

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                Oh that is awesome!


                I love McAfee and I have convinced my mother to switch from Norton (which she sweared by for years) to McAfee and it'd be a shame to say "sorry mother, I don't like McAfee because of 1 feature missing" lol


                So, that is VERY good news. When is 2011 coming out? I'm going to assume Jan/Feb?

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                  I help to admin the beta forum as well and test the beta version it is slated for release early December and that testing runs 3-4 mths. so march is the earlist I would expect it. If interested PM me around then and I will update you.

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                    Okie dokie, thank you