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    Help... Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

      Hi there,

      Ok this is driving me nuts, I just did a full system scan 3 times and McAfee can't find the viruse that keeps changing my Lan settings.

      I can visit 3 maybe 4 sites or pages on one site and:

      Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

      so i click on:

      and the same answer: "Windows cannot connect to the internet using HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP. This is probably caused by firewall settings for the HTTP  port (80), HTTPS port (443) and FTP port (21). You might nee to contact your internet service provider or the manufacturer of your firewall software."


      So I check the Firewall setting using McAfee Total Protection under Firewalls, Setting and all the ports, (80), (443), and (21) are checked.............So i'm like "what the..........". So I do a full system scan as I mentioned, 3 times with nothing found, and still the problem of not being able to surf the web. I even checked for updates, did an update, did a scan and "No issues detected". So I stumble on this, with Internet Explorer open, I click Tools, Internet Options, Connections, (and I have "Never dial a connection" cuz I don't use Proxy Server, I share the internet over a lan), and then click Lan setting. Now at this window there is " Automatic configuration " and Proxy server. And would you belive that Proxy server is checked. Now I know that " Automaticlly detect settings " is supposed to be checked, so i check it. WOW, I fixed it ...........well not really cuz when I go back to Internet Explorer and the 3rd or 4th page I visit I run into the same problem......

      Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

      What the.....not again. So back to checking my Lan settings and Proxy server is checked again. "ARRRRRRRRG"

      I don't know what to do now. I've searched this site and Googled it and nothing.  Any help would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.


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          Forgot to mention I'm running win xp

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            Granite - Proxy would automatically get enabled if your computer is infected by some kind of hidden Malware. I would request you to click on the Useful Links on the top of this page and contact our Technical Support team for further assistance

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              Having the same problem, just wondered if you managed to get this resolved, if so how did you eventually resolve the issue ?





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                Hi Vic,

                First off i'd like to thank Aldrin for the advice on contacting the Tecnical Support team using the "Useful Links" on the top of the page. Unfortunatly this was not very usefull. I talked or should i say Chatted with one of the tech people and all they said was "I have to call my ISP" ...............what the he#@ dose my ISP have to do with it, I was thinking. I'm still able to conect to the interent just not for very long. I must have a virus.


                I have to say I am not very impressed with McAfee right now.


                Enough of the McAfee bashing, here is how i FINALY fixed my problem. I went to Microsoft website and downloaded the free "Security Essentials" http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials/ ...........becuase i'm thinking I got avirus. LOW AND BEHOLD, Microsoft Security Essentials found a virus, and problem solved.


                I did a full system scan not once or twice but 3 or 4 time with McAfee and it didn't find the virus.

                ONE full scan with Essentials and it found it.

                Hope this helps Vic.










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                  Granite – I’m sorry for the bad experience that you had, but I guess you have misunderstood my guidance. As I said earlier, if proxy settings gets enabled automatically then definitely there should be some hidden infections on the computer. I understand McAfee has not identified the infection from your computer but to be frank there are millions and millions of malware outbreak happening in the world.


                  If the infection blocks your internet connection then obviously it won’t allow the Anti-Virus program to get updated and if the security software doesn’t get update on regular basis then infection would very easily get into the computer. That’s how it works. Anyhow it’s great to know that you got them fixed, please do let us know if you still need any assistance on the same. Thanks