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    Remote desktop connection cannot connect via a VPN because of McAfee 2010



      As I am unsure whether my reply in the other topic that is marked as answered will be read: here my problem in full detail:


      My OS is win XP pro

      I have the latest version of McAfee security center installed on it.

      Without McAfee installed on it I can use the remote desktop connection program from Windows via a VPN client from Check point. This works fine without McAfee.


      With McAfee installed, it does not work. I tried it without installing the McAfee firewall and with the firewall and in both cases it does not work. Of course I opened the port 3389 for the RDP in the McAfee firewall and added RDP as a program that may have full access. But it does not work still. The problem is obviously not only with the firewall but also with the other features of McAfee since it did not work when the McAfee firewall was not even installed.


      All help is very welcome, Thanks!