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    McAfee Pop-up problem

      I am having a problem with a McAfee pop-up that I am getting at least 10 or more times a day. I have dismissed it countless times but it keeps coming back. Two chat sessions later and McAfee still acts as if it is the first time they have ever heard of it. I just bought this software but I am just about ready to take the loss and go with something else. Is the only solution to ditch McAfee?

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          Sampopo, could you please let us know what kind of McAfee Pop-up you are receiving? If possible, enclose the screenshot of the same over here

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            Not sure about a screenshot but the pop-up is about a McAfee security upgrade which wants you to watch a video. Clicking on the pop-up takes you to an Adobie Flash update which is useless on 64 bit systems. I have dismissed this thing countless times but to no avail.

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              Alright, so next time when you see such Pop-up press the Print Screen key on the keyboard once, paste it in MSPaint and save it in JPG format. Enclose the saved JPG format file over here so that it would be more helpful for us to investigate on it...

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                Ok, here is the screen shot of the pop-up

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                  I posted screenshot in last post.

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                    Thanks for the screenshot sampopo, will check it out and get back to you

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                      Please try this workaround and let me know your results.

                      Open your McAfee product by clicking the M icon on the desktop or near the system clock.

                      Click Navigation in the top right corner

                      Under Settings, Click General Settings and Alerts

                      Expand the Access Protection drawer and uncheck Use Access Protection

                      Click Apply

                      Restart your computer

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                        That is the first thing I tried. It did not work. The first chat session the tech took control of my puter and did some stuff which was supposed to work but didn't. The second chat session (SR-584204280) I was told well over 24 hours ago I would get a call from them about this problem. Of course the call never came.  Any other suggestions?

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                          Received the call about an hour ago and supposedly this third tech fixed the problem. Guess what? the popo-up was back within thirty minutes after he fixed it? I really cannot believe a company as big as McAfee whos sole purpose is to generate software that keeps our computers safe from all kinds of things cannot even stop their own pop-ups from annoying it's customers. Doesn't say much about McAfee does it. I do know that if this problem is not resolved in the next day or two McAfee will be loseing me as a customer at the end of this subscription. Chasing their customers away does seem like good business sense to me but then mabie McAfee just does not care.

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