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    computer freezing

      ever since mcafee i think updated the service, my computer has been freezing.  i have 4gb of ram, a dual core processor at 2.8ghz.  when i went to task manager and redelted all the "mc" processes, things seem ok now.


      i do have a part of malwarebytes running too, but that has always been compatible with mcafee.  is this a problem with mcafee suddenly, or is it a new incompatibility with also running malwarebytes?



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          Please clarify the following:


          • What version of Operating System that you have in your computer?
          • Do you have any other security software running in the computer apart from Malwarebytes?
          • Have you tried to stop the Malwarebytes service alone and check the status?
          • Did you recently make any changes to your computer (like system restore...)
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            i have windows xp, sp2.  nothing besides malwarebytes, and no system changes.  this all started a few days ago when mcafee i believe updated things.  was there a major upgrade the other day?


            anyway, i can try to disable malware on next reboot.  i'm a bit hesitant to reboot as i could barely get to the point where i could do anything at all on it.  so i was hoping i could get some clarity first.



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              Did you recently come across with any weird pop-up or malware alert in the computer?