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    Error {e0050043} Unable to open client data store attribute



      This error above is one our organization sees from time to time on workstations.  I know from the McAfeee KB that the fix is to Emergency Boot the machine, and thus, repairs the problem.  The problem is, that is an unacceptable solution.


      This has been a problem for a year plus, and I am wondering is there some patch available that will resolve this?  We are using EEPC version

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          Is this an intermittent problem on the same machine or permanent (that needs to be resolved with Emergency Boot)?


          EEPC 5.2.6 has been released already. It might contain minor improvements over the version you use (5.2.3).

          In 5.2.5 there was relased SBFS check utility that runs upon starting EEPC Configuration Manager. It might spot and/or resolve the issue that you have.

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            There's a related thread here, which has information from several customers who have seen this from multiple clients.


            For us, we discovered this in v5.2.2 (we did not see this problem with 5.1.7). The work-around (fixes the symptom) is to upgrade to 5.2.5, or to apply the sbchkdsk process from 5.2.5. Instructions are available from support.


            FWIW, we like the sbchkdsk fix better, since I can implement it on the console with the user, no need for e-boots, .sdb files, or booting from a CD. Can also be completed with a remote (VPN only) user.

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              Well, that was the advice we got from Gold Support yesterday, to upgrade to 5.2.6.  you know what that got us?


              • I upgraded the EEM and EEPC on the server.
              • afterwards I force synch my computer, and restarted.  BSOD
              • I was also testing another laptop, same thing after applying the update, BSOD
              • Quickly realizing that the update had been live on the server for over half an hour, and realizing that machines synch every 240 minutes, I figured I better revert back to 5.2.3, which I did.
              • When I arrived at work this morning, I had 10 lovely people ultra mad that they couldnt' even boot the computer due to the BSOD.



              The only silver lining in all of this is that we were able to recover the files on the machines, and then remove EEPC.

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                Incredible. I'm tempted to try 5.2.6 right away. In test environment, of course. Thanks for the feedback.