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    Migrate Pro Pilot to a new server



      I will be upgrading my current server in the near future and I am trying to find out how to migrate my existing Protection Pilot installation to the new server. I understand that Pro Pilot is no longer supported but it suits my needs perfectly and there is absolutley no way I'm going to install EPO. It is far too large and complex for my requirements. Failing any easy way of migrating can I remove the agent from the clients then just add them to the new instance of Protection Pilot? I don't have that many computers to manage so that wouldn't be as bad as it may sound. Thank you.



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          This ought to be moved to the ePO forum.

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            How many clients are we talking?


            Personally i wouldn't class EPO as large. It's only as big as the number of clients and amount of software being managed.


            I can see your point of view and really you need something like EPO 'Lite'. May be if you can get a big enough petition McAfee will listen


            On the other hand, eventually there will be a point where the products your deploying won't support PP and then you'll have little choice.


            Back to the original question....Redeploying a new agent from the new PP instance should migrate the client over.



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              Hello and thanks for the reply. We're talking less than 20 clients. I've played with EPO and hate it. I'll change AV vendors before I install EPO. Pro Pilot does what I need in a manageable, somewhat intuitve package. So deploying a new agent from the new instance of Pro Pilot will migrate the client? That is great to hear. That should be easy enough. Again, thanks for taking the time to reply. I appreciate it.





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