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    Mcafee Web Gateway -- Time Slot based restrictions

      Dear Friends,


      I need your suggestions regarding configuring thime based restrictions on MWG.

      Requirement is like,

      For Standard internet users, Financial sites would be opened only between 1200 to 1400 hrs and Social networking sites would be opened from 1830 tp 0830.

      We tried to create a slot in Global.conf file as test1 (1200-1400) and map it in Action Editor and map to category action, but it does not seem working.

      Also we have observed that if we map "Block during work Hours" in category, restriction do apply, but we need to use TWO different restrictions.


      Can someone guide me regarding this?


      Appreciating the support,



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          Hi Sandeep,


          I assume that you are using V. 6.8.7,  too.

          We have had a similar problem and i finally stumbled upon that we had to invert our defined time scheme.

          So if we wanted to block access between 1200 and1400, we just had to define a time scheme in global.conf like this: "test" 00:00-12:00,14:00-24:00 and reference it in actions.dat

          Btw.: Support seemed to be astonished about this curious behavior, too.

          But if you look at the predefined time scheme "Non-Work Hours" and the available time slot "Block during work Hours", it seems to be intended.

          IMO, this feature lacks a little in documentation.


          Dont forget that you have to restart the webwasher service manually after editing the global.conf.


          Hope that helps,




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            I agree with what Ivo has said. To help me remember how to do this I wrote down the following process:-


            Creating a Time Scheme entry for WebWasher


            WebWasher GUI does not currently provide a facility to create custom time scheme entries for use in the Action Editor. It is therefore necessary to add the entries in question in the global.conf file from the CLI.


            cd /opt/webwasher-csm/conf

            vi global.conf


            (press N until [Dynablock.TimeSchemes] is found)

            Take cursor to beginning of next line


            <cr> (create new blank line)

            "Lunchtime" = 12:00-14:00




            Then restart the WebWasher process:-


            ./etc/init.d/webwasher-csm restart


            Upon re-connecting to the GUI, the Action Editor process will now see the new Time Scheme entry.


            The easiest thing to do is to make a copy of one of the existing actions (e.g. Allow at Weekends or Block During Working Hours), depending on what you are hoping to achieve, and then by editing the new copy you will be able to replace the Time Scheme to suit your requirement.

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              Thank you very much Friends!


              You saved my day!

              It worked  as per our requirement..


              Thanks again..