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    Can McAfee firewall enterprise 8 antispam?



      Please tell me Can McAfee firewall enterprise 8 antispam? If it can, how many percents MFE 8 can do ?



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          Yes, you can use TrustedSource to filter out spam.  You can read about TrustedSource in the knowledgebase, article # PD21526.


          If you would like numbers you will have to contact a Sales person at 1-800-379-4944, option 3 (or just call your Sales person directly).  They may have some numbers for you.  I looked at our Data Sheet from McAfee.com but I couldn't find any anti-spam numbers.

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            No Firewall enterprise v8 is not an antispam.

            Reduce risk from threats on your network
            Put the firewall in charge of network security again with integrated comprehensive network protection technology, including:

            • Network intrusion prevention
            • Web filtering
            • Anti-virus
            • IP reputation
            • Geo-location
            • Anti-malware


            You've IP reputation but it's not enough for an antispam.



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              Trusted Source (Network Reputation) is not traditional anti-spam, but we have many customers who use it as a compensating control in front of their mail gateways. Most customers see about an 80% drop in spam when they enable trustedsource on their inbound mail. TrustedSource has also demonstrated an ability to prevent many zero days attacks that use e-mail as the initiating threat vector. All of this comes at minimal resource cost to the firewall, which is not the case with most anti-spam solutions that do complicated heuristics and consume significant resources. If you are looking for a full anti-spam solution I would recommend McAfee E-mail Gateway, and use TrustedSource on the Firewall to cut a large percentage of your spam.

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                The combination of Trusted Source, Geo-Location and a thoroughly configured mail server blocks 90-95% of spam for me.



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