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    Detection Dispute

      Hey there,


      I'm a representative of NCH Software. We're having an issue with a new software application that gets downloaded from the Internet by the user, saying there is a Trojan Virus attached to the software - which is false. I am in the process of submitting a Detection Dispute but am having issues finding out exactly which version of McAfee is flagging our download.


      I have also read in other forums that this may not be an effective way to get a response from a McAfee support team member. I have already contacted customer service, but the foreign representative had issues understanding my complaint.


      What is a good way to get ahold of and develop a contact within McAfee for both the current issue and future ones?


      Is there anything else I can be doing to make my dispute taken more seriously?





      Rachel Ridings

      Marketing Coordinator

      NCH Software

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          I can't answer most of your questions since I'm not with McAfee, but it would help if you could indicate which product is being flagged on download as suspect. I've looked at your website and you have a lot of downloads available. I'll be a guinea-pig for this and can report back giving McAfee version numbers as required.


          I've checked your site rating on McAfee, WOT and Norton Safe Web and all report your site to be safe and green with no problems relating to downloads, so this may be a one-off. However, it's only fair to note that you seem to have some dissatisfied customers - although there's nothing too unusual in that. None of them have a specific complaint about anything recently though, which may have a bearing on this.


          You might also want to go back and look at the website coding sometime. I've taken to running W3C validation checks on websites, and not many pass. Yours has a few problems with the HTML, Links and CSS. If AV software uses parsing algorithms to look for problems, which it may, fixing site coding errors and warnings gives you a head start in being declared safe.


          http://validator.w3.org/check?verbose=1&uri=http%3a%2f%2fwww.nchsoftware.com%2fs oftware%2fbusiness.html#preparse_warnings


          http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?profile=css2&warning=2&uri=http%3a% 2f%2fwww.nchsoftware.com%2fsoftware%2fbusiness.html


          http://validator.w3.org/checklink/checklink?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nchsoftware.com %2Fsoftware%2Fbusiness.html&summary=on&hide_type=all&depth=&check=Check



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            Thank you for your help! The product is called Golden Records.


            Here's a link to the product page: http://www.nch.com.au/golden/index.html

            Just click on the red button that says "Try It Now - Free" - this will take you through the free download process.



            We seem to have this issue very occasionally but it has happened more than once. Looking at the coding is an excellent idea, thank you for the resources.


            My main concern is that the feedback says that McAfee has found a Trojan virus attached to our software download, which is false. I am somewhat aware of why this happens, as it happens to software companies with many large and complex products often. Generally it is a simple fix with the virus protection program's support team but it is rather difficult with McAfee.


            It seems that other people submit the report that I am trying to input and often times get no response back. Obviously the longer this issue occurs with your program, the more sales and customer satisfaction will become an issue, so it's a priority to get it fixed as quickly as possible. I'm hoping to develop a contact at McAfee so I have a generally simple way to correct this when it happens.


            Please let me know what you find!


            Again, thank you for your help!


            Rachel Ridings

            Marketing Coordinator

            NCH Software

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              Well, that was quick and simple. A useful piece of software too, if you've got a lot of old vinyl records tucked away somewhere waiting for the inevitable Vinyl Revival :-)


              I downloaded it without any problems. Microsoft Smartscreen Filter checked it on the way down and gave it the all-clear. Once saved to a download directory I ran scans on the exe file with Malwarebytes, Spybot, and McAfee. (I know there are some others I could have used, but your particular concern was with McAfee. The others were just for confirmation.)


              They all report no problems. The screenshots are below, including one showing my McAfee Security Centre and Virus Scan versions. So whoever is reporting that the exe comes with a Trojan is presumably mistaken.


              I hope this answers at least some of your questions. As for establishing contact with someone from McAfee, you might be lucky and attract the attention of one of the staffers here on the forum. As for getting their attention any other way, I really don't know. We're just the unhired help.

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                I can confirm that I am currently experiencing  this problem with my purchased copy of Golden snd Mcfee running on a Dell Desk top computer. No mater what I try when running or installing Golden records it reports a Trojan virus and quarantines it as a



                I can confirm that it did work once upon a time on this system so can only assume it happened when Mcfee updated its software.


                Any help would be appreciated







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                  I suggest you submit the file via



                  You probably will get an auto reply so reply to that saying you feel it is a false detection and a real person will then check things.


                  Post back your result.


                  Is the purchased copy different from the free version?

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                    Thanks for reporting.

                    The file (md5:0872f20ecd04b18c06f83217165fab2a) been whitelisted and the Artemis detection should go away in ~30 mins

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                      Thank you for your help,

                      This problem has now been resolved and the programme Golden record now operates on my system.



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                        As poster says all ok marked as answered

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                          Thank you very much for your help.