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    Beyond Annoying

      McAfee...I want to check and run updates when I want to, not when you want me to. (Especially after I had automated updating turned on and it still didin't catch the viruses my other program did....but that's a different thread.) Stop popping up and telling me to check for updates and that my computer isn't protected because I haven't checked for updates in 5 days...I'm well aware I haven't and I chose not to...I get enough spam through regular email. Why do we not have an option of turning this crap off? I renewed service recently and now I wish I hadn't. I didn't have this problem with the McAfee that came with the computer orginally, so I had no clue it was part of the set up now. I have other VP on the computer and it is nowhere near intrusive as this. We need an option as the buyer and computer owner to turn off the popups.



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          Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we really value your concern. Try disabling the alerts features as shown in the screenshot and check whether that helps you …



          However, please have in mind that its’ not really recommended to Turn Off the automated updates for any Security Programs.

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            I can't change what isn't there. You don't offer the option to disable alerts and I'm sure your already well aware of that. That the first thing it tells you in the help section. We should have the option because the only other option is to unistall what we've already paid for and that ain't much of an option. The system should not be forcing me to check for updates by displaying a "your computer is at risk alert" Especially when I scan and then there are no updates. Which means my computer never was at risk and I've been lied to in order to force me to scan. This is what disturbs me. Unless something is attacking my computer or you do indeed have a critical update, that alert should not be be used and keep popping up. .

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              I take it that you've turned off Automatic Updates. Do you get warning messages saying "Your computer is at risk" because of that? How often do they appear?

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                Why are you asking me if I get "Your Computer Is At Risk" warnings when I just told you I did in the post? And of course, I turned off automatic updates otherwise it would not be popping up. I don't want it to automatically update, I don't let anything automatically update...I learned that lesson with Microsoft. This is not about how often the popups occur, this is about having the option to disable the popups and check for updates when I want to do it. If I decide to not check for updates for 5 days or more, then its on me. And it should be on me. It's my computer. I shouldn't have software forcing me to do an update by throwing false alarms at me.

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                  Tsk, tsk. Well, at least you answered my question. Not politely, not civilly, but you answered it.


                  I wanted to be certain of what you had tried because I had spent some time investigating a possible workaround, suggested by one of the gamers who also doesn't want to be bothered by updates kicking in at inconvenient times, nor by insistent pop-ups.


                  But I guess you you're not interested in anything I might have to offer.


                  I'll let you work it out for yourself. Have fun.



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                    Learn to read a post before commenting...it works better that way. And your right, I'll let some qualified handle it.

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                      I'm sorry napastoy, there is no such option with our program. Also as you know, we have security programs installed in order to protect our computers and just not to scan alone. It's really not recommended to wait until unless we get an information about a outbreak (or) severe attack of infection in your computer



                      Each and every day there are millions and millions are malware outbreak happening in the world and if we need to have our computer safe we need to be update the program every day and just not only whenever we wish. Hope that clarifies your issue





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