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    Computer Freezing, Crashing After Installing McAfee

      I renewed and reinstalled my McAfee subscription about a week ago. Since then, my computer has been having issues. Frequently when i am on the internet my computer freezes completely and the only way i can restore it is by cutting the power. McAfee first said it was expired, then said it was my new and current version, then went back to my old expired version. I called tech support who reinstalled the new version and ignored my attempts at explaining that I had done this and that wasnt the problem. They kept repeating the same, clearly scripted response to me and were very unhelpful, and I suspect more fluent in Punjabi than English. After tech support was gone McAfee told me my subscription expired in seven days. Then it was full and new again. Throughout this my computer is frequently crashing, and McAfee is coming and going. What is going on? I have tried defragmenting my hard drive, malware scanning, restoring my operating system and changing browsers.