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    What files did QuickClean delete?

      Hi.  Is there any way to figure out what files QuickClean deleted?  I recently set up QuickClean (it shows up under "Tools" on the "Navigation Center" page).  When I click on the QuickClean tool, there's a gray button to select which items to clean and a "Clean" button to actually do the cleaning.  When it did the cleaning, it temporarily said X number of files were deleted.  However, I don't see any way to see what files these were.  Can anyone help?

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          Afraid not. It's one of those things that the new release introduced that everyone's grumbling about. You say 'Clean' and it says 'Done'. And that's the only information you're going to get from it. The old version told you beforehand what it was going to delete, and gave you the option to delete or leave alone. This version just goes ahead and removes ... whatever it removes. There was a thread about this a few weeks ago; no promises from McAfee that it will be changed, but at least they know the customers aren't pleased with the way things are now.

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            Thank you Hayton for answering my question.  I really appreciate it.


            How do I get rid of the program?  It doesn't show up in the McAfee folder under "All Programs" from the "Start" menu (I have XP) nor in the Control Panel under "Add or Remove Programs." I don't know what the name of the executable file is.

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              I wouldn't bother trying to delete this bit of the overall package from your PC. I think it comes bundled as part of a larger set of functions, and trying to disentangle this part would be difficult. In any case, it would probably cause problems either with the regular updates or else with the self-checking mechanism which seems to be built-in to the software. You would probably be plagued with pop-ups telling you that some function or other was turned off and 'your computer is at risk'.


              I'd leave it, and just ignore it. Minimal space saving, high probability of endless wrangling with McAfee to get things stable again afterwards. It's a feature that might get rethought in the next release (and, McAfee, can we have the old functionality back again please?)

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                Thank you Hayton.