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    VSE 8.7i w/patch 4 Script Scanning

      Hello -


      We are encountering severe performance issues with a browser-based application with VSE 8.7i (patch 4) while Script Scanning is enabled.  I have tried following the steps in KB65382 to exclude the URLs in question from script scanning - as I would desire to leave it enabled.  However, either it is not working as advertised or I am configuring it incorrectly.  Browser-based objects are enabled, per the article.


      Format for the registery entry is something like this:





      This happens across different OSs (Win7 or WinXP), but all have IE8 with VSE 8.7i (patch 4).


      Is it a problem when someone goes to mysite.com and it re-directs to a secure site (the www2 site above)?  Is it scanning because it cannot see the HTTPS traffic?


      It doesn't seem to work.  Yes I have a case open already, but was hoping for other tips until they contact me.  Only fix at this point is to disable Script Scanning.


      Thank you for any advice or further testing while I wait patiently....



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