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    10's of GBytes lost in my Quarantine area

      I have lost a significant amount of my disk space into the All Users\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine directory as bup files. These files are not listed within the McAfee, Navigation, 'Quarantined And Trusted Items' area. I assume they have become disowned by McAfee application. I have tried deleting the files, but the Quarantine directory is read only & as soon as its un-ticked it is automatically switched back, I assume McAfee is doing this. Any ideas as to how I can recover the lost space by getting these files deleted.  Thanks.


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          I would assume that removing Mcafee from your PC via the removal tool mentioned HERE


          This should  either delete the folder or at least allow you to remove them. You can  then reinstall and that way  you get the latest version without waiting  for the update to slowly filter through.


          The files are encrypted and mcafee needs to be not active or installed to get rid of this files. Ok that is my feeling never had to test this though.

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            I have the same problem that no quarantined files are shown within McAfee but thousands are in the quarantine folder.  I have deleted these files using the process you gave on a different thread but how do I get McAfee to show the files via the navigation pane where I should be able to manage them?

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              If you deleted them ie within the folder they are gone so will not show  in mcafee. . Maybe a reinstall will assist to restart showing them

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                There has been a reported issue wherby quarantined files are so numerous they don't show in the quarantine section of the user interface - they will eventually but will take forever to appear because there are simply too many.


                There is a procedure to delete the files manually.


                Quarantined Items Wont Delete

                It's a known issue, when there are too many the deletion jams up.   You can physically remove them from within the Windows environment.

                First double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

                Click Navigation (top right)

                Click General Settings & Alerts (left)

                Click Access Protection to expand that section

                Uncheck Access Protection and click Apply

                Leave SecurityCenter open on your desktop because you should re-enable Access Protection after the following steps.

                Go to C:\ProgramData\McAfee\VirusScan\Quarantine and click Edit/Select All

                Click Shift and Delete simultaneously and the folder should empty.

                Take care to delete only the contents of that folder, not the folder itself.

                Re-enable Access Protection as mentioned above and click Apply and then exitSecurityCenter.

                Those instructions are for Vista/Windows 7. 

                For XP the folder is found at:  C:Documents & Settings/All Users/ApplicationData/McAfee/Virusscan

                You can reduce their number in future considerably if you are prepared to accept Tracking Cookies.  Those enable websites to remember your sign-in details etc.

                With SecurityCenter open click Virus and Spyware Protection to expand that section.

                Click Real-Time Scanning

                Click Settings and scroll down to Tracking Cookies

                Uncheck that and click Apply.

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                  Thanks for this.  I did follow these instructions the other day and deleted all the files (being very careful it was only the files).  I then checked the following day - nothing was showing in McAfee so I checked through Windows Explorer and the folder had disappeared too!  I recreated a 'Quarantined' folder but so far nothing has been deposited there.  Will this not work?  If not what do I do next to recreate the folder so it will work.

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                    By the way I just realised you mentioned bup files.  Those are backup files, not quarantine files and I believe would normally be hidden as they are encrypted.  It's probably a good idea now to contact Technical Support via Useful Links at the top of this page as they need to connect to your machine to see what's going on.    The quarantine folder certainly should still have been there.