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    Trojan Avh.exe - NiceWare



      I got this trojan and Avg.exe (I was able to delete this one) both in my Temp folder but McAfee didn't detected neither of them. I even selected the files and scanned them but the report said it was ok.


      I've deleted Avg.exe (does that mean it can't harm my pc any more?) but the Avh.exe doesn't let me delete it. What can I do?


      I've got the latest updates from McAfee, I run the virtual tech, I did localise and general scans and its still there and McAfee still doesn't detect it.


      My pc is getting slower by the hour. Need help!




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          I just cleaned off this virus manually, as Symantec was sure it wasn't a virus. It's pretty sneaky, but easy to stop. Mine had an exe called bdw.exe (and several others, including bdx.exe, bfonea.exe, a few others I can't remember, and it tried to install a program it called ThinkPoint). The first thing I did was block access to the exe files. This made it so it couldn't install thinkpoint. It also wouldn't let me open my browser or task manager. Today I went to RUN, and then "msconfig" (without the quotes). I then when to startup, and found the pesky program, and told it not to startup with my computer. I'm now looking for some anti-virus software that can make sure my computer is clean. This seems to be new though, so there isn't any anti-virus software that knows how to detect it as best I can tell.

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            I've Been trying to search for the program but they're nowhere to be found. But i am also finding the same virus problems includeing popups comeing up all the time in my browser even when im not useing it. then i look in my audio mixer and i see its niceware. I will continue looking for an antivirus program.

            P.S. Avast dosen't Work

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              I used vipre and it got rid of the problems i had.It also found trojans and hijackers that avast didnt find. I highly sugest it.