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    Policy Ownership Modification

      Hi everyone,


      I've got an SR opened for this, but figure I would post here for feedback as well.


      EPO 4.5 Patch 3

      SiteAdvisor Patch 2


      When trying to modify policy ownership (with Global admin, or default admin user), the list of selectable users is greyed out.  I've tried with a different permission set as well, and still having the same issue.  McAfee support was having the same problem with all their policies.  I'm able to modify certain policies like VSE8.7, and McAfee Agent, etc.  The extension is loaded in EPO for SiteAdvisor.


      Suggested by McAfee so far;


           Try a different permissions set (with Siteadvisor set to View/Modify) - Done

           Try disabling auto creation of users - Done



      Anyone else run into this situation?


      Thank you



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