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    EEPC 5.258 + Novell + Win7 + SSO - Anyone Got This Working?

      Okay, I have SSO working on XP, can pass the Endpoint Encryption Pre-boot Login through to Novell/Windows login no problem, upon a Novell/Window password change it keeps it synched (after a reboot) with Endpoint so XP seems to be no issue.  The problem is now we are piloting migration to Windows 7 and I am not seeing the same results.


      On Window 7, I have done as suggested on another thread ... select "Require logon to Endpoint Encryption" which I was excited to see actually synched the passwords (after a reboot) so I was excited ... for a short while.  I soon discovered that the Endpoint is not calling the Novell login and only logs into the local Windows account.  I have tried every type of scenario to rectify, even changed a setting in Novell to force it to try a Novell logon first everytime and only do Window logon if that fails.  The problem seems to be that Endpoint Encryption is not talking to Novell at all and is only utilizing the Windows logon.  I am stuck on this and this is a major set back because we either settle for passwords being out of synch every time there is a password change or we have users having to do a followup logon to Novell (if they remember).


      Has anyone faced this situation and got it to work ... am I missing something?  We chose this product because of it's seemless integration with Novell but now it seems that might have been short lived.