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    Unable to update?

      I can connect to the internet, ran V tech today and chat with Mcafee. But no update for scan engine, reads no internet connection ?

      V tech could not update database.


      I am fighting virus attack.

      System XP pro sp3 Internet Explorer ver 8

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          Could you please tell me about version of McAfee and its DAT file version?

          Whether you are getting any error message when trying to update? if so , what is the exact error message?


          Make sure, you have proper internet connection.

          Click on Start-->Run Type "cmd" and hit enter.

          At command prompt type "ipconfig /flushdns" without quotes and hit enter.

          At command prompt type "ping download.mcafee.com" without quotes and hit enter.

          Check whether you are getting valid reply.

          Reset your Internet Explorer Settings once and try updating it.


          To Reset the IE:

          Click on Start -->Run Type "inetcpl.cpl" and hit enter.

          At the Internet Explorer properties window , Click on Advanced Tab at the top and click on Reset at the Bottom.



          Thanks & Regards,

          Raja Gopalan.S

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            Internet Security 2010, Dat ver 6149


            Green check beside checking for updates.

            Then updating starts and stops.

            Mcafee cannot update software. Please check internet connection. If the problem continues , please contcat Technical Support.


            I have problems with cable service at present. According to service tech I should have an inbound and outbound signal on cable; I have no out bound or return.

            This may be most of my problem.



            Internet appears to be working OK now, pinged download.mcafee.com.

            Reply from time=184ms, 181ms, 71ms and 156 ms  Average time = 148ms


            Packets sent =4, received=4, Lost =0(0%)


            Reset IE, did not restart computer. Mcafee still does the same thing. Says check internet connection.

            I opened Malwarebytes and updated it with no problem. Started quick scan with Malwarebytes.


            I dont understand how I can run virtual technian from Mcafee web site but can not update?

            Dat file now 6149 trying to download 6155 but can not update.

            All health check details show OK but Dat and engine not up to date.



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              Try uninstalling Internet Explorer 8.0 from the  Control Panel> Add Rem Programs so that it would automatically put back the previous version of Internet Explorer to the computer. Reboot the computer and check whether that helps you...

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                Could Mcafee updater be blocked by firewall? Mcafee or windows?

                I have been attacked by several virus; removed most I guess. Something is preventing Mcafee  from connecting to net.

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                  Yes, Malware has an ability to disconnect computers in connecting to any security websites. I would recommend you to click on the Useful Links on top of this page and contact our technical support chat team for further assistance

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                    What about uninstall Mcafee and reinstall?

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                      No that's not a better idea. As I said, since the computer is infected you may have trouble in reinstalling them back either, so first the have the computer cleaned and make them virus free then everything should be running fine