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    FS1000 Out of Disk Space D:\

      This afternoon we had an issue being unable to log into Foundstone's website.  I RDP'ed onto the appliance and found we had 0bytes free on D:.  Luckily I was able to clear out the recycle bin that contained a few 200MB upgrade packages but that only left us with about 500MB of free space.  How do I clean up my D:?  We've had this appliance for over 3 years now, so for instance I know we have every Report since August 2007 still on the server and everything older than a year I can delete, but what's the best way to do that?  What other places, if any, can I clean out?


      Running MVM 8.0

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          The space will probably be take up by the reports, daily logs and the DB.

          • Remove the reports you don't need.
          • In the FCM go to the DB and select the Advance button.  Make sure you are only keeping 30 days of logs files unless you need to keep more.
          • Open the registry and go to HKLM>Software>Foundstone>Foundscan>Tweaks (if you don't have a tweaks directory you don't need to do the next steps. Remove any dword tweaks that start with LOG.
          • In the FCM go to Tools>Preferences and select the database tab. Make sure you are using the default setting as shown in the screen show below.  If you are already at the default you might adjust the Delete jobs and stale tickets older than, Delete historical asset older than, Delete Events older than.



          Jeff Haynes

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            Hi Jeffrey, thanks for this.  I set a better retention on the Logs, and confirmed my database tab is set to the default, but when you say "remove the reports you don't need" how exactly do I do this?  We're talking about 2 years worth of reports, do I just go into the reports directory (D:\Foundstone\Reports) and delete everything older than a year or is there another way to do this properly?

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              There is another way,


              Corporate KnowledgeBase


              How to truncate the Foundstone Transaction Log
              Corporate KnowledgeBase ID:  KB54104 Last Modified:  October 29, 2010


              https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB54104&cat=CORP_DATA_LOSS _PREVENTION_UNIFIED_9_0&actp=LIST

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                Yes you can manually delete the reports. Once you have done that see where you are at space wise. I'm guessing this will take care of things but if it doesn't we we have to identify whats taking up so much space. If its the DB the KB article that rcg921 suggested might be the next step.


                Jeff Haynes

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                  Yes, true, I shouldv'e mentuioned that. Mine was due to to the faultline_log.LDF being 100 GB.

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                    I deleted everything out of the Reports folder that was more than 13 months old which got me about 5GB of space back.  This still means I'm only 5.5GB / 116GB free, so I saw rcg921's suggestion and sure enough my faultline_log.LDF file is 72.5GB so I'm going to try that KB next.

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                      I tried to run the command but I got the Message "Cannot shrink log file 2 (Faultline_log) because all loigcal log files are in use" ?


                      EDIT-- Nevermind, I stopped all Components and then started the Database back up and then it let me run the script.  75GB free now.  Thanks!



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