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    New MWG Appliance


      After a long process of deciding what's best for us, I finally recieved my new MWG appliance. So, I plug it in, start it up, and when the logon prompy appears, I enter in



      (last 8 of the MAC)


      Unfortunately, that was incorrect. I also tried all zeros as a password, I barely recall that being the password for intially setting up the VMWare test.


      Are there any other default passwords to log in to the appliance with that I can try?

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          It's been a while since I looked at the instructions, but the login credentials differ between the CLI (console or SSH) and the GUI.


          For the CLI - the username is 'root' and the password is the last 8 characters of the MAC address (with all alpha characters entered in UPPER case).


          For the GUI - the username is 'admin'. I believe the default password is 'webgateway' and this is either changed during the setup wizard (depending on whether you are talking about v6 or v7 in your case) or can be manually changed in the admin GUI.



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            root and the last 8 of the MAC got me logged in, but just to a command prompt. None of my documentation gives me any info on that. I did realize that it came with v6.8 installed so I downloaded v7 and I am thinking of installing that.


            I'm pretty sure all I have to do is boot to the CD and go from there. Cross your fingers!

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              Right. We aren't shipping 7 on-box yet. We will soon.


              Don't forget to catch the "Do you want to run the configuration wizard" when you reboot. This is so you can assign and IP and root password yourself instead of DHCP and default MAC address password.


              You can have it pause at the wizard if enter "2w" when you boot from the CD and asks 1) Serial port, 2) Video Console

              The next boot after that will start wizard instead of timing out and continuing.


              I always am looking away when I restart after an image and miss it. Drives me crazy

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                Wouldn't you know, just when I read your message in my inbox, I turned around and saw the configuration prompt fly up the screen! Oh, well. At least it doesn't take too long to fix

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                  Too funny.


                  Look behind you, a three-headed monkey!

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                    You want to be a pirate, too, Erik?



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                      Kernal alive!

                      Kernal really alive!!!!!!!!!


                      Everything is up and running now, thanks everybody!

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                        Hopefully I'm posting in the right place, since I didn't found other topic.


                        In the case we need to re-run the wizard, is there any option to do it? I'm asking this because there was some changes  in the network interface (virtual) and since then the Coordinator service doesn't start and I can't access the GUI. I've tried to execute the command: mwg-wizard but it doesn't really changes the configuration. My bet is that is something wrong with the certificates ..





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                          I would think at the very least, you could save your configuration and reinstall the OS. Then, upload your backup. It doesn't take very long.


                          PS - You might want to wait for a different option before you try this

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