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    PKZIP scanning?

      I am new to McAfee.  I use PKZIP (SecureZip Version 11).  I was using AVG and it would scan my zip files when I extracted them.  PKZIP lists McAfee as a supported virus scan software, but it looks for "scan32.exe" and can't find it.  Neither can I.


      Can I safely disable the PKZIP virus scan option because McAfee is looking after things in some other way (real-time scanning?), or do I need to get some kind of command line scanner file from McAfee?


      Sorry for such a novice question, but I couldn't find information elsewhere.  Thank you for your help.  Have a great day.




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          So do you mean PKZIP (SecureZip Version 11) contains encrypted files?

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            Thank you for your response.  The .zip file can contain encrypted files, if you set PKZIP to encrypt them.  PKZIP includes a virus scanning feature to scan ALL files, encrypted and non-encrypted when the files are unzipped.  PKZIP looks for "scan32.exe" when trying to scan and can't find that McAfee file.


            Have a great day.




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              The real-time scanning of any antivirus should inspect and scan files as they are read or extracted from the zip archive onto the disk. There isn't an explicit need to do a command line scan unless the cls parameters passed contain more aggressive/heuristic settings than the real-time scan default. This option is typically used on systems were realtime scanning is turned off.

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                Thank you for that information.  I was guessing that McAfee would be watching what was being unzipped, so the PKZIP command line scanner option was just overkill.


                Thanks again for your help and have a great day.