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    EEPC - Screen saver grace period



      I have been requested of one thing: to restore the ScreenSaverGracePeriod settings in the registry.

      This settings allows you to have a x sec of grace periode before your screen saver becomes secure.

      On all our laptops, this is the Windows default settings of 5 sec (the registry key does not exist).

      But as soon as we install EEPC, it ceate the reg key with a "0" value, as well as his own key SB-ScreenSaverGracePeriod also set to "0".


      I have tried to parse all the settings on the server, but did not see anything related to that.

      Does anybody of you know if we can reverse back this settings to the defaut one, or can we manage it through the EEM, if yes... Where..?

      I did not test it now, but that's what I will do right now, if the reg key exists, and is set to 5 for example, how is EEPC managing this value when it is being installed ?


      Kind regards,


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