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    McAfee EndPoint Encryption + HDD bad sectors / OS boot issues.


      I have fully encrypted disk with 2 partitions (McAfee EndPoint Encryption) on my notebook.

      I am usually scanning my hard drive for bad sectors and yesterday the software provided by FUJITSU (my HDD is Fujitsu) detected ~18 bad sectors.

      So made the mistake to fix them, and here I am


      Now my system boots the McAfee login screen, then I am able to authenticate via my 6 digit pin, and then the situation is:


      • Resetting hardware...
      • Starting operating system..
      • Missing operation system...


      Could you give me any advice ?


      Can I extract my information  by using another PC attaching the failed HDD to it by using the tools provided by Simon in his blog, instead of creating WinPE bootable media?

      If not, what else I can do to rescue my data? I don't care so much about the OS, however it would be nice if I can save myself another ~12 hours installing software, tools and restoring ~3month old backups.

      Yeah.. once a guy writing a backup software said "A backup is never recent enough when you need it" or something like that  :]]



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