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    Unable to download/update Total Protection 2010, not sure whats wrong.


      My old hard drive kicked the bucket earlier this week, but before that I formatted the drive earlier in the year and was able to reinstall McAfee Total Protection 2010 without any problems. After getting a new drive, installing the OS (WindowsXP) and miscellaneous drivers, I was unable to download Total Protection (I could install directly from the disc, but trying to update it online would not work). I keep getting the same message through Virtual Technician that a generic network program is causing the issue(it get really close to completion, then stops and doesnt continue).


      I have a laptop coming to use as a temporary replacement, but I would like to have McAfee installed without having to reinstall the OS again.

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          Hi OxA,

          Since you have formatted and reinstalled the Operating system, could you please try to check if the computer is complelety uptodate with windows Updates.
          Open Internet explorer -then Click Tools
          From the drop down menu select Windows update. Let it run completely and then restart the system once (for sure)

          Try to update McAfee and let me know the status.



          Note: Please make sure that the computer is nt installed with any other security software/you are not behind any proxy servers.


          If you still face any issues , get back with some of the below information so as I could nail this down;


          How is your computer connected to internet ? (dsl/wireless/cable)
          What is the service pack installed in your computer ?



          Dinesh K

          McAfee Online Community Moderator