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    How can I initiate/trigger a managed task?



      via ePo 4.5 I have created serveral tasks in which e.g. full scan tasks will run.


      How can I start these tasks on my clients (XP/VSE 8.7 P3) via command line?

      I couldn´t not find the managed task IDs in the registry, which is used for starting the task, e.g.:


      Updatetask, only default autoupdate task is found in registry:

      mcupdate.exe" /task {A14CD6FC-3BA8-4703-87BF-E3247CE382F5} /update /quiet


      Want I need is: XP Client with VSE8.5/Agent4   Update -> Agent 4.5/VSE8.7P3 and after the restart a full scan. I can use the default scan, but the system power using level @ 100% is too much for working with the system during scan.


      So, my idea is, to create a new task, in which I till down the system using level to 10% and I start this task via .... after the update/restart.


      Can anyone help me to get the work running?