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    Firefox is an unrecognized program?

      Every now and then when  Firefox, McAfee (or something pretending to be McAfee) pops up a window in the lower-right corner of my screen that says the following:


      Program Wants Internet Access


      McAfee has detected a program on your PC that is trying to accept incoming connections from the Internet.  Protect your PC by only allowing Internet access for programs you trust.


      About This Program:

      Program:  Plugin Container for Firefox

      Location:  C:\program files\mozilla firefox\plugin-container.exe

      Recommendation:  unknown program

      Tell McAfee about this program.


      The link goes to a hacker identifier site with a McAfee logo which requests information about my computer.


      I get a similar message about Firefox.exe.


      Is this for real?  Is this from McAfee?  My McAfee firewall is on and my subscription is up to date.


      Firefox version:  3.6.12

      OS:  Windows XP Pro version 5.1  Service Pack 3


      If this isn't for real, is there a utility to wipe this out?