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    McAfee does not detect autorun infection, other virusscanners do



      We're running McAfee Virusscan Enterprise Workstation version - with virus definition : 6149 0000. Scanengine is version 5400.1158. We currently have a issue where a lot of our machines are infected with an autorun worm. When an USB memory stick is inserted into the pc an autorun file is created together with a hidden folder containing an exe file.

      These USB memory sticks will then infect other pc's when inserted.


      Microsoft security essentials detect the virus when entering an infected USB memory stick into the PC. Thread name is INF/autorun.gen!R.  So does AVG.


      McAfee however does not detect this infection. Not even when you specific scan the infected USB drive. This is becoming a serious problem for us.


      What can we do?



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