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    Integration between Passport, Logon Collector and SmartFilter offbox



      I have migrated my firewall from version 7 to version 8 in order to use the logon collector and overcome my problem with group member information for authenticad users in my AD. Now, I am experiencing another problem. In version 7, passport was not able to retrieve the group member information and because of that, my group policy mapping in smartfilter was not working. Now, with version 8 and logon collector, passport retrieves the group member information, but in a way that smartfilter is not able to match to do the correct group policy mapping.


      The problem is that in Smartfilter, I am imposed by the console to create the mapping using just the "group_name" (as shown in screen_01 attached). But passport retrieves the group member information like group_name@domain_name (as shown in screen_02 attached). As the group names are different, I don´t have a match and, hence, all my users are falling in the default policy.


      In these examples, I have in smartfilter a policy for "Cadastro_Internet" group, but in passport, the information that I get is Cadastro_Internet@Internet.Fbmfarma.fbmfarma.br


      Does anyone know how to solve this problem?