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    SMTP blocked

      hopefully this is a quick question.


      Ive recently started a new job, and in new job I am now managing an EPO system. Never used EPO before, or McAfee really.


      I had a number of servers that had no AV on them, so I applid the agent and pushed AV to them.


      The only problem so far is that some of them have software that sends alerts via port 25, such as Backup Exec or GFI Event Manager.


      This worked before putting AV on the servers, now it doesnt work. I also can not telnet on port 25 from these systems any more.


      Is there a way to allow that? I need to get email alerts from these systems. If I remove the agent and AV, it works OK.

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          Goto ePO Policy Manager --> Select Product Virus Scan 8.x --> select Policy Default Access protection --> Select Antivirus standard protection  --> Un check block option for " Prevent Mass worms sending email "

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            Rather than disabling the complete feature 'Prevent Mass worms sending email'  of VSE Access protection (by unchecking the Block option), I will suggest you to Edit the rule add the exes to exclussion which is getting blocked by VSE Access protection.