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    New install server ePO SSL certificat no present

      I installed a new server Patch3 ePO 4.5. after installation the directory \ Apache2 \ Conf \ ssl.crt was empty


      I launched the following command

      Rundll32.exe ahsetup.dll RunDllGenCerts ServerName 8443 User Password "D:\EPO\APACHE2\CONF\SSL.CRT"


      I get the following error at runtime "The Thread is not background processing mode"


      The log AHsetup

      20101027114633 I #8920 AHSETUP  Creating Agent Handler Certs.
      20101027114633 I #8920 MCUPLOAD Successfully disabled CA trust options.
      20101027114634 E #8920 MCUPLOAD Failed to process the secure communication request.  Error=The thread is not in background processing mode.

      20101027114634 E #8920 AHSETUP  Received an error from the server.  Error=401.


      the Log DB

      20101027114843 I #7936 EPOJNI   Getting license data...


      do you have an idea