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    Mcafee virus scan gets stuck in a file and never completes the scan.

      When I click on skip button, it does nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled Mcafee, but it's still doing the same thing. I can run MD5 on it and get correct check sum, so the file is not corrupt and other software is able to read it ok. I moved the file to different hard drive and copied it back, but it's still getting stuck. Since I got Mcafee, I was never able to do a full scan because it gets stuck.


      Mcafee support chat told me to contact the vendor to correct this. But this is silly. I wouldn't call Mcafee because Microsoft notepad fails to read a file. Virus software not able to scan a file that is readable by all other software seems to be the problem of the virus scan software. Talk about shifting the blame the wrong way!


      I'm running windows 7 home premium 64 bit. In one of the links, there was recommendation to get the latest DAT here


      But it does not install. It says "Error: Unable to find any qualifying Mcafee product(s)."


      What gives? How do I make it run a full scan? Any help in getting it working is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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