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    URGENT --- EEPC 5x/WinXP - SB Password not changed



      We are having a very big password sync issue. Here are the detials:


      - We are starting migrating to EEPC 5.2 (latest version) under WinXP

      - After the instalaltion, the SSO works fine

      - We then perform a change password in any way (Ctrl-Alt-Del OR when the Pwd Expiration popup appear). In any way, first we do not get the "Safeboot" confirmation popup like we had with our previous Safeboot version 4.x, second the password is not sync with SBFS, which means that when starting the machine, we have now to provide the old pwd, and SSO is broken and we have to logon in Windows using the new pwd.


      Any help on where to investigate will be very helpful...

      I am starting to compare our TEST environemnt where it was working until now with our PROD environment, but in the meantime, if anybody have an idea...

      I already have checked a lot of things discovered in other discussions there, but without help.


      Many thanks in advance.

      Kind regards.


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