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    Workgroup deployment of McAfee epo agents

      Hi guys,

      I requires some fairly urgent help. I am new to McAfee products so please be gentle. We have a Windows 2008 Server which is running EPO 4.5. We have a a number of domain PC/laptops which I have managed to get the EPO server to deploy the agents without issue, however we have 2 Workgroup laptops which I just cannot seem to get the agents to deploy to. Each time I try they fail with the message "Failed to authenticate with remote system, system error: Access is denied.". Now I am assuming this is down to the crendentials that I have to enter for the agent to use to install on the destination? What throws me is it asks for the domain name, username and password. But this is a work group and so there is no domain name to enter, however this is a mandatory field. Please help.

      Alternatily is it possible to manually install the agents on my 2 workgroup laptops? If so how?

      Many thanks in advance.