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    McAfee is not fully compatible with Spybot S&D

      I have McAfee Security Centre Ver 10.5.204 running under 64-bit Win 7 Professional.


      A recent thread (https://community.mcafee.com/message/136097) claimed that McAfee was compatible with Spybot S&D. This is not totally correct. I have just tried to install McAfee Site Advisor and obtained the message that Spybot S&D interferes with McAfee Site Advisor and that Spybot must be removed before installing Site Advisor. At the moment Spybot and the remainder of McAfee Security Centre seem to be getting on with each other.


      As I have used Spybot for years and would be extremely reluctant to remove it, has anyone any further information on this clash? In Spybot I have disabled Teatimer and only run Spybot manually.

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          Hi Plotinus,


          Would you mind getting us a screenshot of the same please?

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            Sorry to add in to the thread , but there is a similar problem with Malwarebytes -

            It causes a freeze situation -


            Thank You -

            EDIT -

            Can I add exclusions to the firewall or in the program so the 2 will co exist , as I have used Malwarebytes for some time now



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              Vinod R

              McAfee Works with Spybot if you do not use Tea Timer.. However technically that takes the machine to a state where we cannot guarantee that the machine is going to be stable. Neither us nor spybot team will be able to predict how the application(s) will function when responding to a threat or while performing a regular task.


              Hence its always better if you rely on one Real time protection and maybe keep couple of others as handy tools to mop up in case if required ( where u can disable one and run the other.. etc.,... I use McAfee but got Malwarebytes free version on on demand mode... run only if I want to double check for Malware debris.... on my personal machine)


              There are no option to add exclusion in consumer version of the product .


              Hope this helps.




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                If you are using the latest version of McAfee software then;
                1. Open security center
                2. Select the Web and Email Protection drawer.
                3. Click the Firewall Link.
                4. Select the Program Permissions drawer.
                5. Check if igoogle is been wrongly blocked under the firewall permission list


                This item was recently posted on the forum by an advisor when another home user had a similar problem with a blocked program -

                I am looking for the thread , but can not find it at this moment - I think they had Facebook blocked -

                Will this not work as an exclusion area for other programs , or am I badly mistaken , or have I just read it wrongly -

                Sorry if I have made any error -


                Thank You -

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                  Vinod R

                  Hi all

                  the steps indicated by the poster obove would add an appliction on the firewall exclusion ... or Permission. which means the application's access to outside world( read internet) can be controlled at the computer admin's will.


                  eg -: If you add abc.exe and say full access to internet.... application abc will have access to internet... if you select no access or block there the application abc.exe will not be able to update or communicate via interrnet.



                  Note : This need not / does not prevent the McAfee Virus Scan from scanning the particular file in question.


                  Hope this helps




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                    Hi -

                    Although I do seem to note a somewhat uncertain way of explaining , I also feel like you have put it the best way that you can -


                    I thank you for the answer and accept it as written - I will read it again carefully and make sure that I fully understand it -


                    Again ; Thank You -

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                      As requested, please find attached a screen dump of the message that I receive when I attempt to install McAfee Site Advisor. It doesn't actually prevent me from installing Site Advisor with Spybot still there but it does strongly imply, "On your head be it", if I do go ahead regardless.


                      As further information, my version of Spybot is I have also checked that Resident "SDHelper" and Resident "Teatimer" are not selected.



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                        I am still a little confused. As I have just posted, I get the error message even though I have not enabled Teatimer in Spybot. Can I take it that McAfee gives this response to anyone who has Spybot installed, regardless of whether or not Teatimer is running? I am grateful for your response but it does seem to be saying, "McAfee definitely works with Spybot if Teatimer is disabled. On the other hand McAfee might not work with Spybot even if Teatimer is disabled."


                        Re your second paragraph, am I correct interpreting it as: Leave Spybot in place with Teatimer disabled but only run it manually (and SuperantiSpyware and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which I also have installed) when I have temporarily disabled McAfee Site Advisor?

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                          Well, that's really interesting. Anyhow have you tried clicking on the skip option? Also you may customize the installation skip Site Advisor and try to install them directly from http://www.siteadvisor.com and let us know the status...

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