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    My home network???

      I have been looking around to see what my cpu problem.During my big adventure over the last few weeks i was not able to find an anawer.But couldsomeone explain how the my home network feature is supposed to work??I have 1 computer. So in the past i never clicked the trust network portion of Mcafee.Everything worked o.k.Well at least the internet.Today i decided to take a look,because this whole Mcshield thing has driven me nuts.Can someone please explain how this works & why i have 27 of these things in my network?15 of which are online.

      Thanks for the help in advance.I have blacked out the addresses.Image attacched         thanks  newjack                             

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          I'm not a McAfee product expert, but I do have some experience with home networking. Do you happen to have FIOS or IP based telephone/cable? It's unusual to have that many devices on your network even so, but that may explain 4-5 devices on your network. What dp the device names look like? You don't have to list them all. You may want to call your ISP as well.

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            The one on your left is your Wireless Router, rest of the icons that shows online are the wireless networks that are available in your environment. It would also display some your locally connected devices like printer, scanner, etc...

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              Hi Aldrin,So you know i do use cable.I don`t have a wireless system.I also don`t use a router.I am plugged in direct.I have no scanner and i have no printer setup,which also killed the theory with Mcshield.I have about 25 of those boxes you see in this picture.About 15 of them say online???12 or so say off line.I also sent you a pm about my other problem.Could you tell me what to do from here with the online devices listed?Also the ones that say offline. Also here is another picture if i arrow over of the some of the others that are offline.Also is this my modem on the left of screen or no?

                                                                                                               Thanks for your help  newjack



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                If anyone knows this anwser could you let me know.Today i have 17 items on the right that say online.I don`t use wireless so i have no idea what they are.Hope that there is someone here that can see what i mean.The 17 items on the right of image posted above all say online & have what look to be ip addresses(i crossed them out).I have no router.I have found this image below under Mcafee help.According to Mcafee these are unknown devices????How did i get 25 of these unknown devices through my Mcafee firewall,as part of my home network.Here is image from Mcafee.                                                                                                                                                     Thanks newjack



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                  Hi Newjack,


                  It is possible that because of the way that your cable internet provider is set up that you are seeing other cable ISP members on your network map.  The cable providers sometime set up small networks among their customers and so their device IP addresses are displayed.  My hunch is that if you put a router between your computer and the cable modem that they would not show up.

                  If you don't recognize the other IP addresses or can’t match them up with other network devices that you own, then I suggest you mark them as intruders and hide them from your network map.


                  Hope that helps,





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                    I have same thing as you !


                    More than confused, i ' ve got 25 online ip adr., but i know that it is my own network from cable provider.

                    Yesterday it was only one, today is  more than 10.

                    this is not a problem


                    By the way, can i ask someone about mcafee interface ?

                    on my photo is McAfee total Protection, above at Newjack it it ''security center'' ! What is differen?




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