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    Rule Tracing in MWG7


      I'm fairly new to MWG7  and I see a setting in the Troubleshooting section to view Trace files for rules. I just can't see where or how to turn Rule Tracing on. I'm having trouble with some embedded videos on certain websites. I have a feeling it's just doing what it is supposed to do and is blocking it. I just don't get a block page so I'd like to see exactly what is going on before I just start guessing and allowing certain URLs or Categories. Thanks.

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          It is enabled by an event on a Rule.  To enable rule tracing, go to policy->rule sets.  Create a top level rule set called "Troubleshooting".  Within this rule set, add the following rule:


          criteria: Client.IP is in list <create a rule tracing IPs list>

          action: continue

          events: Enable RuleEngine Tracing.


          Creates an XML file that is far from helpful however.....

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            you should be able to create a .log file simple text as well..

            But do you know if is there any live monitoring features?

            Cause even using web reporter you can't have live reporting...



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