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    Is Agent version an umanaged agent?


      While trying to solve another issue with McAfee, I was told by them that the agent is an unmanaged agent and that I should be using Our EPO server has in it's repository the agent. We have over 300 systems that are using the agent. This gets installed when a Tech manually installs the McAfee VSE 8.7i repost with Patch 2. Apparently the agent is in this repost. McAfee kept telling me that this is an unmanaged agent and that these systems won't be able to woken up or managed via policies. Well, I did a wake-up call to one and it worked fine and I managed to alter a policy and saw the client accept the updated policy change.


      Does anyone know why McAfee would say that I should use this unmanaged agent or are they wrong? It has gotten me confused what they told me Friday, but all our clients with the appear to be working.