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    More Agent Handler in the DMZ questions

      I am setting up an Agent Handler in the DMZ to be used as a repository.  In setting up the repository I came across another couple of questions.


      When putting in account information for Replication credentials (server to repsository) I am not certain which account to use.  The credentials tested as incorrect if I use the domain service account, as well as the service account I set up on the AH in the DMZ.  Maybe I am just not using the correct syntax.


      I have only the one default AH currently, the one in the DMZ will be the first one set up.  I am unable to set the priority on this as 2.  I only want machines outside of our network structure to use this AH.  I don't want all of the traffic heading into the DMZ for updates.  I had expect this to be an additional AH but it replaces the Default Assignment Rule in the list.  Would I need to setup a Handler Group and if so, is there good documentation for this?