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    Security Threat

      I have Mcafee installed on my home PC, it is valid for another 7 weeks.


      This morning I am getting lots of pop-ups stating the following:


      'Network intrusion detected. Process is attempting to access your private data'


      It also states that I am running a demo only anti virus and need to upgrade.


      There is a click here button which surprisingly takes you to a page requesting your bank account details!


      Some of these messages are coming through Windows Security Alerts


      I have checked my Mcafee antivirus and it is showing that everything is ok.


      The pop-ups are currently appearing every 30 seconds and are getting annoying!


      Any help greatly received.

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          Peter M

          You are the victim of a fake anti-malware attack.   Is there a name for the application they are trying to persuade you to use?



          Install the FREE version of THIS software, update it, and then run a full scan.  Let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately if asked to.


          If for some reason this malware prevents the installation, try using right-click, "Save as" and save the installer to your desktop renaming it in the process to something like 12345.exe or similar.

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            Hi ex-brit


            the pop-ups were just titled Anti Virus, but the layout was very much like McAfee


            Problem now solved, many thanks for your help, much appreciated.





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              Peter M

              I thought so, thanks.  That's great, good luck.

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                Peter,  thanks so much for your advice.


                I installed the software advised and it found alot of malware which I didn't know existed.   (Husband clicked some spoof virus alert which infected my laptop with something which stopped my mcafee software!)   After the scan and deletion of files (shocked at how many!) I could reinstall mcafee and it's working ok again!




                Thanks you really saved the day!



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                  Peter M

                  Glad to have helped.