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    SecurityCenter Update screen stays on screen; Firewall Settings Missing; Cannot use MVT

      I run Vista sp2 32-bit on a Dell XPS Intel Core 2 Quad 4GB RAM and I have SecurityCenter with no other security software.


      I actually have 3 issues; however, I do not know if they are related.


      1. Software Updated screen
        • Lately I have had the "Software Updated" screen pop up and stay on my screen (see image). I can click the "more" link and click the "do not show this alert again" box, but I cannot get a response from clicking "ok," and the screen does not disappear on its own. It does not seem to affect the computer, but it certainly is annoying, and I wonder if an update really did occur as this pops up soon after I boot up each time.
        • I have uninstalled and reinstalled more than once; it works sometimes for a few hours.
        • I cannot run McAfee Virtual Technician (see 3 below).
      2. Firewall Settings
        • Additionally, I cannot access the settings for my firewall. The home page lists the firewall as "on," but when I go to "settings," it is listed as "off" and the only settings available to me are "restore defaults" and "turn on" (see image). This is certainly an annoyance and somewhat bothersome as I have to wonder if the firewall is functioning properly if at all.
        • As I have mentioned, I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. This works sometimes for a brief period (maybe a couple hours), yet it always reverts to the state I have described.
      3. I have been unable to run McAfee Virtual Technician
        • I've uninstalled and reinstalled; I've tried repairing.
        • But every time the MVT gives a notice that some files are corrupted and need to be downloaded again leading to a perpetual loop.


      SecurityCenter 10 2010.jpgSecurityCenter Firewall Settings 10 2010.jpgMcAfee Software Updated2.jpg