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    Think Point Removal

      Has anyone had any luck getting rid of the Think Point virus with their McAfee product?  Think Point has infected my machine, but when I run a scan, it finds nothing.

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          You'll get an answer more quickly if you move the question out of this quiet backwater. The 'Help' heading is misleading, because this is the area for general issues that don't belong anywhere else.


          The right place for this is in Security Awareness; the path for the right place to ask is

          (and sorry, those aren't clickable links).
          If you look on the right-hand side of the page under 'Actions' you will see 'Move Thread'. Click on it, and select 'All Groups' from the 3 options on the left of the next page. Pick 'Home User Assistance' and it should do the transfer. I've done a dummy run so I think it ought to work. If not a Moderator will have to do it for you.