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    McAfee Total Protection Service vs Trend Micro WFBSS

      I was wondering if someone can do a comparison between McAfee Total Protection Service & Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security Services.  Trend claims that they do real world testing unless the competition that runs tests in a closed environment.  They also claim they can block in the cloud before it gets to your computer.  Everything with them is they claim to do it better than anyone else.  I do like their cloud client software where the signature files are stored in the cloud and doesn't slow down your computer.  I have used TPS in the past and found it really slowed down the systems especially when updating the dat's.  Can you also do a comparison between McAfee Artemis and Trends Smart Protection Network.  They claim they have the fastest response time to threats because of over 1000 threat specialists.

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          Hi Platinumws,


          Trendmicro has been a name of repute from a long time now. With all due respect to their products, I would like to say some of the things here :-


          1} Trend has been the only company which almost ALWAYS stays away from third party comparatives of the various antivirus software. I dont remember seeing a third party, neutral review of the Trend Worry free suite since 2008.


          2} About claiming to be the best, I am sure if I had a company and produce some state of the art products, I would always wanna say my products are the best out there and that I have the latest technologies and I can do stuff better than any one out there. Bottom line ??/ Everyone is good at something but then again, when you are talking about apples and apples, it always pays to have a showdown between your top favorites and go with the winner.


          3} With the advent of new and new malware, almost all the companies are out there doing real world testing. If they do not do that, how can they ever adapt and get the ammo for the new bad guys out there ? So, it is only obvious and logical to do the real world testing.


          4} Artemis :- McAfee Artemis is not a network unlike Trends Smart Protection Network. Artemis(Now Global Threat Intelligence) is a technology which McAfee products use to get that upper hand on the malware. Here, the ever updating and ever increasing McAfee database in the cloud is checked for hashes of a suspicious files and then immediately any budding threat is remediated by the McAfee software. This greatly reduces and almost nullifies the Zero day threat window. McAfee does not give updates every couple of hours to make the end user feel good. Please remember, updates are not a sign of protection. In fact, its how accurate and how responsive your AV is in preventing the threats and then mitigating them as well.


          5} I have always believed in 1 thing. How can an AV protect you without taking up your RAM. With this, I dont mean to say that every AV is a resource hog but what I am trying to convey is the fact that there are several layers of protection that an AV can offer and depending upon what your preferred level of protection is, you would have to give the resources to the AV to make sure it is getting all its energy it needs and is fit to protect you.


          But to address that where it really matters :- There is something called caching, whitelisting etc which are the techniques that are being employed by the McAfee products where on a given set of database, the first scan takes a little longer but once that is done, depending upon the file location , a cache is created which reduces the scan time greatly. There is something called whitelisting pertaining to the known safe windows files which would be skipped as there is not a need to scan those.


          6} TPS which has just a new version 5.2 is good at managing the memory usage and does a good job at protecting a computer. It has improved self defense technology and also has good improvements in the scanning procedures and I am sure there is always room for improvement and the McAfee team is definitely working out there to make it better than it already is.


          7} There are a lot of services and processes an AV runs. You really need to pin down each and every service and proces to get an approximate amount of RAM usage.Be it Trend or a Symantec or a McAfee.


          8} Talking about the DAT storage in cloud. That to me is very serious. What if for some reasons, My internet is down and my AV does not have any database on my machine to protect me ??? This is where McAfee is better. You do have your traditional DATs and then you have the Artemis both on the Real time and On demand scenarios to make sure that your protection is not compromised.


          9} Faster response times promised by Trend:-  That is what I was referring to by the Zero Day threat window. By the time the response comes, chances are you might have already been infected. McAfee is the biggest dedicated security service provider with its reach all over the globe which means its network of live users out there is one of the biggest and that serves the purpose of Artemis. McAfee with its big and impressive range of product lines has the ever increasing database about all types of threats and once a single machine is infected and identified, Artemis already has that information and thus all the users around the globe are protected instantly .. How cool is that ? Rather how secure is that ?



          I am more than willing to continue this conversation with you offline as well and provide you with more information.


          Just a passing thought. Testing AVs is more than a hobby to me and the latest Worry free suite as well as the Office Scan left a lot to be desired.


          Thank you



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            I appreciate you getting back to me so quick.  There is just a couple more things I would like clarification on that I still don't quite understand.


            1.  When you said that Artemis is not a network unlike Trends Smart Protection Network, what exactly do you mean?  I don't understand.

            2.  How does Trend get all these high rankings with NSS Labs and other 3rd party reviews that shows McAfee having less detection overall?

            3.  Does McAfee provide 24/7 feedback within its software like Trend?  Or is this part of Artemis?


            Thank you!

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              Artemis, as I mentioned in my earlier post is the name given to the technology used by McAfee. The cloud databse of McAfee which is ever updating is accessible to all the computers with McAfee on them with an active internet connection and the Artemis set to Active.


              What happens here is that if a file is found to be a little suspicious and if the current DAT doesnt have any indication of the same, a little signature of the suspicious file is quickly sent over to the cloud to verify if its innocent or actually a malware and depending upon the finding, is flagged appropriately. All this happens in a few seconds and with almost no impact on the bandwidth.


              2} if you are referring to the latest NSS Labs ratings, then you may have seen that the Trend product doesnt excel in exploits protection and some other stuff as well. Interestingly, there are other third party open source vendors which carry out such tests like Virus Bulletin, AV-Org, AV-comparatives etc. You would see that Trend more often choses to stay aloof but only recently Trend offered their Titanium Security suite to be tested.


              3} McAfee offers free, 24/7 Gold level suppoprt to all its Business users. You as a customer have access to all the product downloads, upgrades, updates, technical support via phone, email and chat as well.


              Thank you