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    ePO 4 issues after reboot


      I'm running ePO 4 Patch 6 and I've been noticing a couple issues the last two times I rebooted my ePO server.


      #1. DAT Distribution chart on the dashboard shows every DAT file under the sun. (Annoyance only since I can force a wake-up call)

      #2. the server tries connecting to the remote SQL server with the local machine account instead of the SQL credentials provided. My SQL server and I don't like having 18+ MB of login failed messages in my SQL server logs.


      Anyone else seeing issues like this???


      I know Patch 7 and EPO 4.5 are out there but until the runaway framework service fix is "officially released" I'm not upgrading to 4.5 and I haven't researched Patch 7 yet.